State of the Nation 2020

Let’s grow South Africa together

Within the next 10 Years

We’ve received hundreds of submissions from young people across the country on how we can drive economic recovery after the coronavirus crisis.

Listening to the youth as we tackle the complex decisions that lie ahead is extremely important. As the leaders of the future, they will one day be the decision-makers who help to shape a better South Africa for all.

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#YouthMonth Challenge

Township Enterprises

"Promote more small businesses in townships and incubate youth-owned enterprises too because currently active consumers in the country right now are young people who are more keen on buying products from their peers and friends."


Supporting Local

"The need and importance of buying local has never been more stark. We need to drive this message more powerfully & purposefully than ever before. We need to support our local businesses because they are the ones that will provide the much-needed jobs that will increase our tax base, alleviate poverty & drive down crime."



"There are a number of new technologies that we need to embrace in order for us to be active participants in decentralized manufacturing. These technologies can help address some of the unemployment challenges we have. One such technology is additive manufacturing (commonly referred to as 3D printing). This technology is on the cusp of commercial viability, and young people are in a privileged position to take on projects that will make them participants in this space, and not just spectators."


Green Economy

"Create government factories that will employ youths to build solar panels. We have an electricity crisis and unemployment crisis. Doing this will solve both. Every household, especially the poor, can get one, and then be subsidised for the second one. Factories to be built at every metro perhaps. No tendering needed, but young people must run the projects."


Digital Technology

"South Africa needs to play to her strengths. Mobile phone penetration is some of the highest in the world. This needs to be leveraged to enable people to easily trade with digital wallets like MPESA, or with a digital version of the Rand. The world is currently in a financial crisis. Over the next 10 years Bitcoin, Ether and blockchain technology are going to be the winners (globally) and the rewards will go to the countries that create friendly environments for those technologies to flourish."


Farming Innovation

"Our country could invest more in increasing Aquaculture. There is a giant worldwide market for aquaculture products and our country barely has any such businesses. There are businesses trying to start-up countrywide, however they lack the funding. This could create so many jobs for both skilled and unskilled workers and will be one less thing our country needs to import and can export while still being sustainable."


Red Tape

"Increasing the efficiency of the informal sector by reducing regulations such as licenses and permits for informal trading and any other impediments, liberalise the sector as much as possible. Reduce the cost of running and starting a business, this can be done by reducing and making the tax code much more simpler for the layman. Other measures to drastically and radically reduce the costs of doing ought to be implemented immediately."


Investing in Innovation

"I think the country needs to fund more research in business, sciences (both health and environmental) and lots of ideas from young graduates. There also need to be new companies which strictly hire fresh graduates to implement their ideas and carry the nation forward. Young unemployed graduates have a huge role to play in reviving the economy under supervision and support."


Township Economies

"The best thing that the government could do is invest directly in the youth of South Africa's townships and villages. The black society is where there is buying power that directly leads to the economy as they spend on domestically produced and run small-scale transactions. Investing directly to the youth (and not organisations that represent the youth) will reignite the interest and passion of young drivers of change and reduce what is a brain drain."



"We must have a paradigm shift and change the way we live and do business. The old way is not sustainable for the future. We cannot continue destroying the planet. We need to look at a green future, incentivize innovation for a sustainable green economy. This encompasses so much from the air we breathe to the food we eat, water we drink, clothes we wear, cars we drive, waste we generate, etc. This will result in new economic activity, healthier and more conscious citizenry!"