State of the Nation 2020

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16 September 2020  |  QUOTES

"Although we have made remarkable progress, a number of our people are still getting infected and some are losing their lives. By any measure, we are still in the midst of a deadly epidemic."

- President Cyril Ramaphosa

15 August 2020  |  QUOTES

"A ray of light is visible on the horizon. Let us continue to exercise the greatest caution and care, and remain ever-vigilant. Let us continue to stand united in our determination to defeat this virus."

- President Cyril Ramaphosa

23 July 2020  |  QUOTES

"The health and wellbeing of learners and educators is critical. It is vital that the development and progress of learners is not impeded. A major and lasting disruption to learning would have a devastating impact on the prospects of an entire generation of young people."

- President Cyril Ramaphosa

12 July 2020  |  QUOTES

"Like the massive cold fronts that sweep into our country from the South Atlantic at this time of year, there are few parts of the country that will remain untouched by the coronavirus. The coronavirus storm is far fiercer and more destructive than any we have known before. It is stretching our resources and our resolve to their limits."

- President Cyril Ramaphosa

17 June 2020  |  QUOTES

"Through our behaviour as individuals we can reduce the likelihood that we will get infected or infect others. And it is through our personal and collective actions that we can continue to delay the rate of infection across society."

- President Cyril Ramaphosa

26 May 2020  |  QUOTES

"In helping our nation to cope with these difficulties, we acknowledge and welcome the call that has been made by our religious leaders for a day of prayer. Prayer will comfort and strengthen us as we continue to fight this pandemic."

- President Cyril Ramaphosa

24 May 2020  |  QUOTES

"As individuals, as families, as communities, it is you who will determine whether we experience the devastation that so many other countries have suffered, or whether we can spare our people, our society and our economy from the worst effects of this pandemic."

- President Cyril Ramaphosa

13 May 2020  |  QUOTES

"The virus exacts a heavy toll not only on the health of our people, but also on our people’s ability to earn a living, to feed themselves and their families, to learn and to develop, and to enjoy many of the basic freedoms that we daily take for granted."

- President Cyril Ramaphosa

23 April 2020  |  QUOTES

"By delaying the spread of the virus, we have had time to prepare our health facilities and mobilise some of the essential medical supplies needed to meet the inevitable increase in infections."

- President Cyril Ramaphosa

09 April 2020  |  QUOTES

"If we end the lockdown too soon or too abruptly, we risk a massive and uncontrollable resurgence of the disease.

We risk reversing the gains we have made over the last few weeks, and rendering meaningless the great sacrifices that have been made"

- President Cyril Ramaphosa